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  Unfortunately, our monthly meetings will continue to be held in a “virtual” (Zoom) format for at least the next few months.  Although we all miss seeing each other in person to socialize and eat all those yummy potluck goodies, holding meetings virtually has allowed us the freedom to host speakers from all over the […]

  Our final speaker for 2021, Nicholas Rust, will lead us through the mysteries of the most talked about orchid group this Holiday season – jewel orchids.  His talk, perhaps reflecting the modern popularity of the group, is called “An Introduction into the Wild World of Jewel Orchids” and will be at our usual time of 7:00PM PST on Thursday December 9. […]

This month’s speaker will be Tom Mirenda who will be with us from Hawaii at 7:00PM PT on November 11, to lead us through his month long orchid safari to many different locations throughout Africa. Tom has been cultivating plants since his early childhood. Originally trained as a marine biologist, he moved to Hawaii in his early 20s where he worked on the trophic [nutritional] […]