Owner: Miki Ichiyanagi

Cym. Sweet Devon

Scott was our speaker in January, when he brought us up to date on the latest developments in the world of Sarcochilus. This month, he will be back with us on Zoom at 7:00PM PST on September 9, to discuss his work with Cymbidiums. There is no specific title for his presentation but he gave me the following quote which implies it should be a very interesting evening: “I’ve been around Cymbidiums all my life. They are our bread and butter and have given me some of my most significant moments. They have also given me some of my most frustrating and confronting moments as a crop and as a life choice. In this talk I’ll share some of the challenges and our experiences.”

The results of his current efforts with the genus can be seen at https://barritaorchids.com/collections/cymbidiums

Scott Barrie

As many of you will remember, Scott is co-owner and manager of Barrita Orchids located in Kulnura north of Sydney. Barrita is a commercial grower supplying quality potted plants to retail stores and nurseries throughout the east coast of Australia as well as cut flowers to markets Australia-wide. Scott grew up around the benches and packing shed of his family’s nursery and has spent his entire working life in the orchid business. He was also a judge for the Australian Orchid Council (AOC) for over twenty years.

owner: Micki Ichiyanagi