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Mary Gerritsen , Ph.D. currently works as an independent biotechnology consultant, her “retirement” after a long career in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry. However, much of her free time now involves orchids in some fashion or another.

Mary has a large collection of miniature orchids, as well as numerous pleurothallids, paphiopedilum, bulbophyllum, and dendrobium species which she grows outside, in a cool greenhouse or in an intermediate greenhouse . In addition to growing orchids, Mary likes to see and photograph them in their native habitats, and this has led to expeditions to Australia, Papua New Guinea, Southeast Asia, China, various Mediterranean islands, Europe, Madagascar, South Africa, Mexico and other parts of Central America, many countries in South America, as well as various parts of the USA and Canada.

In addition to her interest in orchids and their habitats, Mary has written, with co-author and photographer, Ron Parsons, a number of books on orchids including Masdevallias: Gems of the Orchid World; A Compendium of Miniature Orchid Species; A Bay Area Guide to Orchids and Their Culture; and The American Orchid Society Guide to Orchids and their Culture. Mary and Ron also coauthored a book on a genus of North American wildflowers: Calochortus; Mariposa Lilies and their Relatives. Mary is the chief financial officer of the Orchid Conservation Alliance, serves on the board of directors of Orchid Digest, and is a past president of the San Francisco and the Peninsula Orchid Societies.

Along with Ron Parsons our speaker has written a book for the American Orchid Society, The American Orchid Society Guide to Orchids and their Culture, that every orchid enthusiast should own. It has just been published and some copies are on their way to California. They may not be here in time for Mary’s talk but she is willing to take checks for $25 and this will cover postage and also benefit the Orchid Conservation Alliance. So either bring your check book or cash along with your name and address to have it mailed to you.

The Plant Table will be supplied by our speaker

Dinner with the Speaker at 5:30 p.m. is at Aung MayLika 1050 Contra Costa Blvd, Concord, CA 94423

Everyone is welcome to attend and meet our speaker – email Eileen Jackson at eileen.jackson@att.com to reserve a seat.

Carol Klonowski has been growing orchids since the 1980’s when a friend in Berkeley,California, gave her a cattleya and it bloomed out with three big, dark lavender flowers and an intoxicating fragrance. She built an entire greenhouse in her backyard to accommodate the precious plant, which only led her to buy more orchids. Then another friend gave her a gift membership to the Orchid Society of California and it’s been a serious passion ever since.

She can recall going to monthly meetings at OSC and DVOS where orchid legends such as the late Frank Fordyce and Dick Emory would be available to answer the many questions an eager hobbyist could ask.

Carol has served as Director, Vice President, and President of the Orchid Society of California for most of the past two decades and is currently an Accredited Judge with the American Orchid Society, California Sierra Nevada Judging Center.


The Plant Table will be supplied by Sunset Orchids

Dinner with the Speaker at 5:30 p.m. is at Sichuan Fortune House, 41 Woodsworth Lane, Pleasant Hill, CA

Everyone is welcome to attend and meet our speaker – email Betty at kauwonn@gmail.com to reserve a seat.

Our intended speaker for April was Jeff Trimble. Jeff started growing orchids in 1972. He joined his first orchid club in 1975. By 1978 Jeff was show chairman for the Peninsula Orchid Society, a member of the Santa Clara Valley Orchid society, and President of Malihini Orchid Society. In 1980 he was asked to be the VP and then President of the San Francisco Orchid Society. Jeff took on the task of Show Chairman at the Pacific Orchid Exposition one year and later was a co-founder of Orchids in the Park. He is a Past President of the Peninsula Orchid Society, the Cymbidium Society of America (CSA) and the Gold Coast Cymbidium Growers. He is also a CSA judge. Jeff grows Cymbidiums, Odontoglossums, Cattleya alliance, and many other species in his unheated greenhouse.

While Jeff could not be with us in person for his talk on ‘10 types of orchids you can grow outside’, he has worked diligently to come up with an alternative which I believe works very well. Like many speakers, Jeff’s talk would have been supported by a slide presentation. Specially for DVOS, Jeff has updated and expanded his presentation and added full voice-over. Instructions for downloading and using the related file were sent to DVOS members. 

DVOS Auction – NEW DATE Aug 15th!

This will be our largest fundraising event. All proceeds will go toward our expenses i.e. speakers and especially our orchid show. It will be a great opportunity to add to your collection and share your plants with other members.
Please invite your family and friends.

1.    Please bring plant(s) for auction. (This will be a donation to the society.)
2.    Please inspect plants for bugs.
3.    A picture of the plant in bloom would be a big plus.
4.    You may put a reserve amount or starting bid amount

The room is available at 6:30 pm until 7:15 pm to arrange the orchids for display. During this time there will be light refreshments.

There will be no Pre-Meeting Dinner, Show & Tell or Plant Table

The Auctioneer will be Sue Fordyce

Sue has a rich horticultural history, most of her life spent in the orchid world with the family business at the Orchid Ranch in Livermore. Her father, Frank Fordyce passed on his passion for orchids and hybridizing Cattleyas to her and she was able to travel and speak to groups throughout the United States and Canada about Orchids, (specifically Cattleyas). When the family business sold in 2006, Sue had the opportunity to change gears and join an exceptionally beautiful and unique property, Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore. She currently manages the Houseplants and Orchids dept., teaches a variety of classes, both horticultural as well as craft and art classes, and she loves what she does. Sue and her family are part of the founding members of Diablo View Orchid Society and a past President. She is an enthusiastic speaker, a patient teacher and has a firm belief that

This is our big annual fundraiser. Help out DVOS by donating your amazing plants. To prepare your plants:

  1. Please ensure the plants you bring are bug-free
  2. Please tidy up your plants by cleaning the leaves and weeding the media
  3. Please bring plants you think others would like to bid on

The DVOS board will provide refreshments. All you need to bring is your wallet, checkbook, or credit / debit card.