Peter Lin

Our guest speaker on Zoom on April 8 at 7:00PM PST will be Peter Lin [Not to be confused with Peter T. Lin]. He will be joining us from Dallas/Fort Worth to share his knowledge with a presentation entitled “The Top 5 Fragrant Phalaenopsis Species and Their Influence on Modern Novelty Hybridizing”.

Although some of you may have heard Peter talk on other occasions, this will be an updated presentation which will include the latest developments in non-commodity Phalaenopsis and his particular interest in the breeding potential of the species gigantea. You can see gigantea in bloom next to Peter in the photograph.

Peter Lin started growing orchids 40 years ago before emigrating from Taiwan. In 1996 he turned his Phalaenopsis collection and interest in hybridizing into Big Leaf Orchids in Southlake, where he specializes in species and novelty Phalaenopsis, many of them fragrant. Before Covid-19, Peter made frequent trips to Taiwan to see the latest advances in breeding and to select new varieties for his customers and for inclusion in his own program.

Despite interest in other genus over the years, Peter’s primary focus is still hybridizing Phalaenopsis. As we shall see, the results of his efforts are the antithesis of the commodity plants seen in big box stores everywhere. His website is