Speaker’s Choice

Dear Orchid Friends,

The DVOS Board has discussed the COVID-19 concerns as they impact our upcoming meeting Thursday, March 12. We have decided to cancel this meeting. We have made this decision based on the document cited below.
Public Health Recommendations for COVID-19 – March 10, 2020 from the Contra Costa Health Sevices https://cchealth.org/coronavirus/pdf/COVID-19-Interim-Guidance-for-Social-Distancing.pdf Excerpt:
• Cancel or postpone large gatherings such as concerts, sporting events, celebrations, conventions, religious services and community events where 50 or more people are within arm’s length of each other.
• Cancel or postpone events for or attended by older adults or others who are at higher risk for severe illness.
I know that we are all interested in attending this meeting but our health and disease containment are the most important factor. Stay safe. I send you my greetings and will see you when this risk is past.


Debra Attwood will give this presentation at a future time.

Debra Attwood: “It’s out of the pot, now what?” A practical demonstration of making the best choices for re-potting

Founder of Napa Valley Orchids, Debra Attwood is a third generation Napan who grows Angraecoids, species Phalaenopsis, Neofinetias, Maxillarias, Encyclias and what ever else catches her fancy. Her greenhouse maintains an intermediate temperature range and her plants thrive in the Mediterranean climate of Napa. In addition to caring for a greenhouse full of beautiful orchids, she consults, is a regular speaker at orchid societies and garden clubs and performs greenhouse maintenance for clients. She has taught orchid classes for many years, and still conducts workshops as time allows.

The Plant Table will be supplied by the speaker.  Debra Attwood will also bring some plants to sell.

Our no-host Speaker Dinner will be  at 5:30 p.m. is at Aung MayLika 1050 Contra Costa Blvd, Concord, CA 94423

Everyone is welcome to attend and meet our speakers – email Peter Ansdell at padvos@attglobal.net to reserve a seat; not later than the day before the meeting, please.