June 2015  
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Next Meeting is on Thursday, June 18th, 7:30 pm -10:00pm

Pleasant Hill Community Center
 320 Civic Drive - in the McHale Room

Steve Beckendorf 
Orchids of Peru from his recent trip

    Steve started growing orchids in the early 1980s and quickly became fascinated by Odontoglossums and their close relatives because of their beauty and variety. They had a glamorous past as the most sought after plants in the orchid frenzy that gripped Europe in the 19th century.  In addition excellent hybrids were available from growers and hybridizers on the West Coast.

    He soon realized that, in contrast to the hybrids, few of the species in this group were readily available and began collecting them for propagation and use in hybridizing. His attempt to find unusual or lost species has led to many trips to the cloud forests of Mexico & South America.

    As a geneticist and developmental biologist at the University of California, Berkeley, Steve has worked on the mechanisms that define tissues and organs in early animal embryos. Because of this background he has been interested in several of the scientific aspects of orchids, including molecular taxonomy and deceptive pollination strategies. 

    Steve is passionately involved in orchid conservation and is director of the Orchid Conservation Alliance (OCA) and a member of the Conservation and Research Committee of the American Orchid Society.


Plant Table will be provided by Steve Beckendorf 
A plant donation from the estate of Fred Schull will be available to purchase. 

Speakerís Dinner before our next meeting is at 5:30 pm at the Sichuan Fortune House, 41 Woodsworth Lane, Pleasant Hill. Everyone is welcome to attend and meet our speaker before the meeting. If you can join us, please contact Yunor Peralta at (510) 304-6206 or mmmper@yahoo.com to be included in the reservation.

Blc. Zul
grown by Marcia Hart
B. Jimmey Cricket
grown by Sung Lee
Phal. Noname 
grown by David Trebotich

Paraphalaenopsis Kimmy 'Little Shop of Horrors' grown by Mark Dillard

C. skinneri 'Casa Luna' 
grown by Linda Castleton
Sarcochillus hartmannii 
grown by Judith Johnston
C. jongheana f. alba 
grown by Yunor Peralta
Pot. Island Peach 'Valley Isle' 
rown by L. Castleton

Cym. Noname
grown by Raoul Garcia de Leon

Bulb. falcatum var.c velutinum
grown by Mark Dillard

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