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Next Meeting is on Thursday, January 15th, 7:00 pm -10:00pm

New Meeting Place

Pleasant Hill Community Center
 320 Civic Dr. - in the McHale Room

Jacob Knecht : "Growing in Small Spaces"


      Jacob Uluwehi Knecht has been mesmerized by plants for as long as he can remember and his passion for orchids species began at age 11. 
He has worked in landscape architecture, wholesale and retail nursery operations and is now working in conservation, plant photography and studying botany. 
Over the last 24 years he has grown orchids in many different growing environments, all designed and constructed by himself. 
He currently grows 1300 orchids in only 100 square feet. His main focus is growing angraecoid orchids, as well as a selection of colourful dendrobiums, vandaceous and other species. 

Plant Table will be from Yunor Peralta 

Speakerís Dinner 
before our next meeting at 5:30 pm at
the Sichuan Fortune House, 41 Woodsworth Lane, Pleasant Hill. Everyone is welcome to attend and meet our speaker. 

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New Meeting Place

Our current meeting place, the Contra Costa Water District Board room, will not be available to us this year due to earthquake retrofitting. Beginning in January, we will meet at the newly rebuilt Pleasant Hill Community Center in the McHale Room. Some of you will remember this as the location where we held our Fall Show for many years prior to the rebuild. In addition to changing our location, we will also be changing from the second Thursday to the third Thursday of each month.  
The Community Center is located at 320 Civic Dr. in Pleasant Hill (near the Police station and the YMCA).

Blc. King of Taiwan

Tolu. Genting Pretty-n-Pink Erycina glossomytax C. Mandu x 
C. Lavender Ice

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