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Next Meeting is on Thursday, February 19th, 7:30 pm -10:00pm

New Meeting Place

Pleasant Hill Community Center
 320 Civic Dr. - in the McHale Room

For the Love of Orchids:
A video and discussion of Jim Wert's insight and growing practices

      This year Sung Lee will visit selected DVOS members and video tape how they grow their orchids. 

      If you would like to be interviewed or if you would like specific members s to be interviewed, please let Sung know.

      At our February meeting we will see the first of these short videos.  This one features Jim Wert.       

Plant table will be from past and present board members 

No Speakerís Dinner this month

2015 membership dues are due!   Renewal form 

New Meeting Place

Our current meeting place, the Contra Costa Water District Board room, will not be available to us this year due to earthquake retrofitting. Beginning in January, we will meet at the newly rebuilt Pleasant Hill Community Center in the McHale Room. Some of you will remember this as the location where we held our Fall Show for many years prior to the rebuild. In addition to changing our location, we will also be changing from the second Thursday to the third Thursday of each month.  
The Community Center is located at 320 Civic Dr. in Pleasant Hill (near the Police station and the YMCA).

C.Circle of Life 'Isabella'

Cranichis muscosa L.wallbrunn x L.anceps Paph.Lynleigh Koopovitz

Paph appletonianum

Comparettia speciaosa L.wallbrunn x L.anceps Den. aberrans

Ascocentrum pumilum

Taeniophyllum pusillum Tubecentron (Tct.) Niu Girl Dracula Raven 'Luna Dendelion'

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