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Next Meeting is on Thursday, April 16th, 7:30 pm -10:00pm

Pleasant Hill Community Center
 320 Civic Dr. - in the McHale Room

Pierre Pujol 
will share his insights on improving your growing skills.

      Like many of us, Pierre started growing orchids given to him by friends and neighbors, then became intrigued by the plants and was hooked for good four years ago.  Since then his collection has grown rapidly to about a thousand plants today, many of which are  Cymbidiums.  The 25 % non-Cymbidium genera in Pierre's collection are expanding and comprising many genera, mostly cool to intermediate growing.

      A graduate of the National Agronomical Institute in Paris, Pierre tries to use his education to understand the cultural requirements of orchids and apply it experimentally to his collection. Over the last three years his efforts were rewarded by several AOS and CSA quality and cultural awards, although, he admits, that he is still on the learning curve.

With (French) humor, simple explanations and a lot of pictures, Pierre will share how his personal experiences and understanding of basic scientific principles helped him improve his orchid growing skills.

Pierre is a member of several orchid societies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Plant Table will be provided by Pierre Pujol  

Speakerís Dinner at 5:30 pm at Sichian Fortune House, 41 Woodworth Lane, Pleasant HIll

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New Meeting Place

The Community Center is located at 320 Civic Dr. in Pleasant Hill (near the Police station and the YMCA).

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