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Next Meeting is on Thursday, January 9th, 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Contra Costa Water District Building Board Room
 1331 Concord Ave. Concord, CA

Ken & Amy Jacobsen: 'What's in Bloom'
(Ken - Cymbidiums, Amy - Cattleyas)

     Ken Jacobsen, an AOS judge and a CSA judge, is an avid cymbidium grower for over 40 years (to the point of having to rent a commercial greenhouse for his out of control plants due to his own hybridizing program). He is a regular contributing author for the CSA Journal and the past Awards Judging Chair for the CSA. Ken is also the past president of Gold Coast Cymbidium Growers and the Peninsula Orchid Society.

     Amy is also an AOS judge. Although she had always grown a few orchids, when Amy and Ken were married she was faced with a quandary. She basically had a choice between getting more involved with orchids, or becoming an orchid widow. Since there was a mostly empty greenhouse available, Amy decided to start growing Cattleyas and Laelias. In addition to Laelias and Cattleyas, Amy is also growing Lycastes and Anguloas, Masdevallias, Pleurothallids, and a wide mix of other genera.

    Ken and Amy’s orchid collection now numbers about 5,000. Other than their numerous AOS and CSA awards, Ken and Amy also won the “Best Orchid in Show” and “Best Cattleya Alliance” awards at the 2008 Santa Barbara International Show. They are also the winner of the AOS Berliner Award for the Best Award Lycaste for 2009.


 Plant Table Provided by Ken and Amy Jacobsen

Speaker’s Dinner 
before our next meeting at 5:30 pm will be at
the Sichuan Fortune House, 41 Woodsworth Lane, Pleasant Hill. Everyone is welcome to attend and meet our speakers before the meeting. If you can join us, please call Eileen Jackson at (707) 642-5915 to be included in the reservation.


Happy New Year to All!


Delightful DVOS  Holiday Party 2013


Winner of the best holiday orchid decoration for 2013 is Alice Tomassini

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