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Next Meeting is on Thursday, October 10th, 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Contra Costa Water District Building Board Room
 1331 Concord Ave. Concord, CA

Deborah Atwood 

will talk about her favorite Orchids and how she grows them

Currently Debra grows Angraecoids, species Phalaenopsis, Neofinetias, Maxillarias, and what ever else catches her fancy. Her greenhouse maintains an intermediate temperature range, and her plants thrive in the Mediterranean climate of Napa Valley.

Napa Valley Orchids was started in March 2001 by third generation Napan Debra Atwood. In addition to growing a greenhouse full of beautiful orchids, primarily species, she also consults, is a regular speaker at orchid societies and garden clubs, and in addition, performs greenhouse maintenance for a handful of clients. She has also taught orchid classes for many years, and still conducts orchid workshops as time allows. Summers you will find her at the St. Helena farmers’ market, and winter is show season, with 7 to 9 shows a year.

October's plant table will be a provided by Deborah Atwood

Speaker’s Dinner 
before our next meeting at 5:30 pm will be at
the Sichuan Fortune House, 41 Woodsworth Lane, Pleasant Hill. Everyone is welcome to attend and meet our speaker before the meeting. If you can join us, please call Eileen Jackson at (707) 642-5915 to be included in the reservation.

by Rupert J. Phipps-Faruquar (dec’d)

If you were an epiphyte,
which would you be?
Discover yourself,
go live on a tree.
Live on rainwater,
bird poop and sun.
Inhale CO2,
return oxygen.
A far better life,
than how we’ve begun.
Helping the planet,
while harming none.

Bulb. lobbii 'Kathy's Gold' owned by Eileen Jackson

Den. cucumerinum 'Little Pickle' owned by Tom Pickford

C. Canhamiana 'Azure Skies' owned by Fred Shull

V. Noname owned by Sung Lee

V. Yuuko Iso-Sumida 'Ted Sumida' owned by Mark Dillard



C. Circle of Life AM/AOS 
Rth. David Tomassini  
Ctt. Gregory Tyrome 
Darden AM/AOS

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