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Next Meeting: Thursday 8th July  7:30pm
 Alan Koch - "Orchids 101"
Alan Koch owns and operates Gold Country Orchids where he specializes in miniature and compact Cattleyas. Alan started growing orchids in 1969 with three Cymbidiums given to him by an aunt. While in college he became interested in other orchids and discovered many would grow outdoors in Southern California. He has moved five times as his orchid obsession has led to the need for more growing space. With the last move, he purchased 10 acres of land in Lincoln, California for his 300,000 orchids. 
Alan is recognized as an expert in the Brazilian Cattleya alliance and is a trend setter in miniature Cattleya
breeding. Alan has been published in the Orchid Digest, the American Orchid Society magazines and in the Proceedings of the World Orchid Conference. He is an internationally known speaker. He is an Accredited AOS Judge and is Vice-Chair and Training Coordinator for the California Sierra Nevada Judging Center. Alan has served on the AOS Judging and Research Committees and also served two terms on the Orchid Digest Executive Committee and Board of Directors and is one of the current Directors, as well as a Trustee for the American Orchid Society.

Orchids 101 is a talk without pretty pictures! It is designed to make any grower better. it covers everything
you need to know to get bigger better flowers. It encourages audience participation with a give and take
high energy discussion. It is fun and everyone learns.



Speakerís Dinner will be at 5:30 at Sichuan Fortune House, 41 Woodsworth Ln. Pleasant Hill. Everyone is welcome to attend and meet our speaker. If you plan to attend, please notify Liz Charlton at (925) 280-1671 or email dvosnews@gmail.com so we can include you in the reservation.
Plant table will be provided by Gold Country Orchids  www.goldcountryorchids.com

Vanda. Robert's Delight (Ken Cook) Ymb. Little Beauty (Tom Pickford) Paph. Dollgoldi 'Maya Maria'  (Ken Cook)  Schoenorchids manipurensis (Ken Cook)

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