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Next Meeting: Thursday 8th April  7:30pm

 "Stanhopeas" by Charles Sims

Charles Sims will talk on the genus Stanhopea, which contains some of the most spectacular flowers in the orchid kingdom. His talk will cover descriptions of the plants found within the genus Stanhopea and a great deal of cultural information. 

Charles has been growing orchids for 12 years now.  He gives presentations on Stanhopeas and other orchid-related subjects, including his recent trip to Peru. He is a probationary judge with the American Orchid Society and has served as President and Vice President of the Sacramento Orchid Society. He also has a masters degree in Social Psychology, with an emphasis in research methodology and statistics. While he has also lectured on research-related topics for many years to eager classes of undergraduate students, he promises not to do so at Diablo View.

Plant table will be provided by Dennis Olivas and will also include Plants from the estate of Dick Emory. 
Regular raffle:  six tickets for $5

Stanhopea tigrina var. nigroviolacea 'Predator' FCC/AOS 

          Speakerís Dinner will be at Melo's Pizza & Pasta (1660 Contra Costa Blvd. Pleasant Hill) at 5:30. 
          Everyone is welcome to attend and meet our speaker. If you plan to attend, please notify Liz Charlton
          at  (925) 280-1671 or email dvosnews@gmail.com

L. Santa Barbara Sunset

C. skinneri x C. Ruth Gee

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