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Next Meeting: Thursday 12th March  7:30pm
Omar Rocha  "More Orchids of Mexico"

Most of us are familiar with the beautiful laelia’s of Mexico, but tonight we will see and learn about some of the more unusual orchids from Mexico.  Many of these species will grow out of doors in the Bay Area.

Our guest speaker for the month of March is Omar Rocha from Mexico City.  Omar is a biologist, and for the past 12 year he has been working with the Mexican Government in the Wildlife Management & Development department.  He is involved in assessing and evaluating wildlife populations (both animal and plant) in Mexico.  His field work requires many visits to habitats of native Mexican orchids.

Omar is an avid orchid hobbyist and has served as President of the Mexican Orchid Society (A.M.O) from 2004 – 2006.

Speaker’s Dinner will be at 5:30 at Mangia Bene (Italien Cuisine), 1170 Arnold Dr. # 116 (in the strip mall.) in Martinez. Everyone is welcome to attend and meet our speaker. 
If you plan to attend, please notify Liz Charlton at (925) 280-1671 or email so we can include you in the reservation.

Plant table will be provided by Orchid Gulch.

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