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Next Meeting: Thursday 8th  January  7:30pm

Kathy Barrett & Dennis Olivas:
"Can this Plant be Saved?"

Dear Kathy and Dennis,

She was tall and strong with the most beautiful red lip. I fell in love and brought her home. Every night I watered and fed my new love. I rubbed Leaf Shine on her foliage. During the day I set her in a warm sunny window. We were so happy. Then things began to change. I first suspected something was wrong when I noticed a silvery trail on a leaf. Was she cavorting with snails? I hoped it was only a phase, like the tiny webs and white cottony dots I occasionally found under her leaves. Then came the ants. She let them crawl all over her.

Is there any hope for our relationship? Or, should I throw her out and look for another orchid?
                                                                   - Wilted

Dear Wilted, 

Even the best breeding doesn’t guarantee that you will never experience heartache. There comes a time in every orchid grower’s life when he looks at a beloved plant and says “Oh, no, what is that? This is no time to be sentimental. Many problems can be eliminated by
See ORCHID page 9

Bring in your tired, your sick, your sad plants. Awards will be given to those with the worst plants.


Speaker’s Dinner will be at 5:30 at Sichuan Fortune House, 
41 Woodsworth Ln. Pleasant Hill. Everyone is welcome to 
attend and meet our speakers. If you plan to attend, please 
notify Liz Charlton at (925) 280-1671 or email 

dvosnews@gmail.com so we can include you in the reservation

Raffle table provided by D & D Flowers 
(Dennis Olivas)

Any plants with bugs or diseases PLEASE bring them in a plastic bag so as not to contaminate other plants

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