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Next Meeting: Thursday 13th  November  7:30pm
 Ron Parsons
will speak on Bulbophyllums

Bulbos are a huge genus of over a thousand species. Most growers can at least identify them in bloom as a Bulbophyllum due to the hinged lip (and often malodorous flowers). These plants are popular with many hobbyists due to their fantastic blooms of many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Bulbophyllums are found on every continent where orchids grow, but the majority are found in tropical Asia. Usually considered to be warm or hot growing, there are many that will grow intermediate and even some that are cool tolerant.

This presentation features a nice cross-section of this amazing group of orchids. Ron Parsons is considered by many to be one of the finest flower photographers in the United States. His photography and encyclopedic knowledge of orchids is known both nationally and internationally. He has been photographing orchids, wildflowers, and almost every other kind of plant for over 25 years, and has a slide collection that numbers well over 80,000 slides! Ron is a popular speaker, and gives talks frequently on variety of orchid-related topics. 

Speakerís Dinner will be at Pasta Pomodoro located in Pleasant Hill at 45 Crescent Dr.  Everyone is welcome to attend and meet our speaker.  If you plan to attend, please call Liz Clarlton at (925) 280-1671 or e-mail 

Plant table will be provided by Liz Carlton     

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Orchid & Flower Photography and Talks by Ron Parsons 

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