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Next Meeting: Thursday 10th July 7:30pm
 "Growing Quality Orchids Indoors"
by Dave Sorokowsky 

Dave will discuss the requirements of orchids grown in your home.  He will explain how to choose the right plants for your environment and how to provide these plants with what they need.

He will also discuss the benefits and give a demonstration of semi-hydroponics for orchids.

Dave has been growing orchids, specializing in Paphs. for 10 years. Two years ago he  moved to California from Toronto so his orchids could get more sun.  For the past two plus years he has been breeding multifloral Paphs.

July Raffle Table will be provided by Dave Sorokowsky and will include a  selection of blooming Paphs, mini-Cats and Masdevallias

Speakerís Dinner will be at the Sichuan Fortune House at  41 Woodsworth Lane in Pleasant Hill at 5:30  pm.  Everyone is welcome.  If you plan to attend, please call Liz Charlton at  925-280-1671  or email

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