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Next Meeting: Thursday 10th  January  7:30pm

Kathy Barrett & Dennis Olivas:
"Bad Plants"

Pfwappppp!   In a shower of bark the orchid plant explodes against the greenhouse wall.  "Why won't you grow??" howls its owner.  Eyes ablaze, hair standing on end he turns to the rest of his collection, grabbing the first orchid he sees.  Furiously he squeezes the pot until it bursts in his hand. Flinging his arms heavenward he cries  "What oh WHAT do I have to do to GET YOU TO GROW!!!!?????" he breaks down sobbing on the greenhouse floor.

Bad Plants, Bad Plants. Whatcha Gonna Do?
Whatcha gonna do when they happen to you?

Gentle Reader. There's no need to howl to the gods!  You won't find the answers in a pigeon's entrails or by sacrificing a goat.  Dennis Olivas and Kathy Barrett answer any questions you have about growing orchids.  Feeding, potting, proper light & temperatures, difficult or exotic species... you name it.  And the best thing is that they'll answer them about YOUR OWN PLANTS! This is your chance! Each year we encourage members to bring in any orchids they are having trouble with. Bring us your tired, your weak, your smothered roots yearning to breathe free! You'll be surprised how we can help you become better growers if you just show us your plants.  Don't be shy! Did I mention there'll be prizes, too?  We may even tell you where to cut the Phal spike.  So put down the knife and leave the goat alone.



Any plants with bugs or diseases PLEASE bring them in a plastic bag so as not to contaminate other plants.

There will be no speaker 's dinner this month.

Raffle table provided by D & D Flowers (Dennis Olivas)


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