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Next Meeting: Thursday 14th August 7:30pm
 "The AOS Judging System"
explained by  the CSBJC Crew (Susan Wedegaertner,  Kathy Barrett, Dennis Olivas. Dick Buchter, Dennis Wade,  and maybe even Alan Koch) 

Ever wonder what happens to your plant once you turn it over to a clerk in the judging room? At our next meeting, judges from the California Sierra Nevada Judging Center  (CSNJC) will be here to do a mock judging to show us the judging process. We will learn first hand what happens to your plant once you leave it in the clerk's hand, including the paperwork involved in getting your plant ready for the judging team and the process the judging team uses to determine if the plant should receive an award.

We will also setup a computer and projector to demonstrate how OrchidWiz and the AOS  software AQPlus is used by the judging team. This should be a very informative meeting.

August Raffle Table will be provided by members of the  CSNJC.

Speakerís Dinner will be at the Sichuan Fortune House at  41 Woodsworth Lane in Pleasant Hill at 5:30  pm.  Everyone is welcome.  If you plan to attend, please call Liz Charlton at  925-280-1671  or email  

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