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Next Meeting: Thursday 10th April  7:30pm
 "Miniature Orchids: Nature's Small Wonders"
by Dan Newman 

Everyone who gets hooked on orchids eventually runs out of space!  There are more fascinating orchids in the world than any of us can hope to accommodate, but by adding some smaller-growing plants to our collections, we can fit more variety into the space available.  The aim of this talk will be to show the charm and the range of variation that miniature orchids can provide, and to discuss their needs in cultivation, with a focus on species that tolerate warm summer temperatures."

Dan Newman started growing orchids in 1982. His first successful plant was a Dendrobium hybrid bought as a tiny seedling at a lei stand in the Honolulu Airport. By 1996 he had 350 orchids in a one-bedroom apartment. After moving the collection into commercial greenhouse space, his hobby began evolving into his nursery Hanging Gardens. Dan started growing orchids full-time in 2000 and moved to a larger greenhouse in Pacifica a few years later. He currently has 10,000 to 12,000 plants, mostly cool to intermediate growers. Although orchid hybrids far outnumber the known species, Dan prefers growing species. To him, they are the real orchids, whose grace and purity of function transcend the floral display of their hybrid offspring.

April Raffle Table will be provided by Dan Newman.

Speakerís Dinner will be at Pasta Pomodoro located in Pleasant Hill at 45 Crescent Drive at 5:30  pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend, however, our speaker will not be joining us. If
you plan to attend, please notify Liz Charlton at 925-280-1671 or email  dvosnews@gmail.com


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