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Next Meeting: Thursday 11th October  7:30pm
Joe Parker:  "Draculas"

Dr. Joe Parker has a BS from Stanford and a PhD from Caltech in Mathematics, an education which left him totally unprepared to grow orchids.  As a result, Joe was forced to earn a living in academia and the high tech world.  He is currently Chief Technical Officer at Glimmerglass, an optical networking company.  Joe started growing orchids about 9 years ago, on a challenge from his wife, Kathy.  Refusing to settle for less than the best, Joe grows Draculas, and only Draculas.  He started growing in Los Gatos, and then expanded in Pacifica.  His collection is now over 300 Draculas, representing at least 100 species.  Joe is also Vice President of the Pleurothallid Alliance, a worldwide organization devoted to not only Draculas, but also the lesser Pleurothallids (Masdevallias, Restrepias, etc.).

Dracula Bella 'L&R'

Joe’s talk will start by showing the great breadth of species within the genus Dracula.  Once you have become convinced these beauties are worth any amount of trouble to grow, he will convince you that Draculas are not as difficult to grow as most believe.

Speaker’s dinner will be at Pasta Primavera in the Pleasant Hill 'downtown' at 5:45 pm   Please notify Eileen Jackson at 707-642-5915 or email jackson.eileen @att.net. to join us.

The plant table will be provided by Dr. Parker

 "World of Orchids"
DVOS Annual Show and Sale
in October

The Diablo View Annual Show and Sale will be on held on 
October 13-14, 2007.  

Orchid Displays, Orchid Sales & Raffles, Plant Doctor,
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