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Next Meeting: Thursday 8th February  7:30pm

Kathy Barrett & Dennis Olivas

From the Plants Perspective

"How do you want to die, little orchid?  Quick like a Telipogon in Yuma?  Or slow like a Dendrobium at Walmart?"  I blinked.  Surely I'd misheard my new owner.  Didn't she mean "Welcome to your new home, I'll take good care of you"?  Yeah, I must have misunderstood. Settling onto the bench I looked around. The orchids across the way were being smothered by their potting medium. Just what was that slimy stuff, anyway?  To my left a large Cattleya was streaked with virus, a slug contentedly munched on its leaves, and all the mounted plants had bush snails.  I averted my eyes in time to see a mealy bug crawl onto one of my roots.  A small species, so shrunken I couldn't tell which, cried "Save yourself!"  I couldn't help myself.  My stomata opened and I lost turgor pressure.

Bad Plants Bad Plants
 Whatcha gonna do? 
Whacha gonna do when they happen to you?

This month's meeting centers on *your* questions about *your* plants in *your* collection.  Kathy Barrett and Dennis Olivas will try to help you out, so please bring in your 3-4 of your most questionable plants! *Do Not Be Shy!*  After all there's no discussion without them.  If you suspect any have bugs or virus please bring them in a clear plastic bag.

Sure, we'll still have those infernal good plants for the Show and Tell Table but please, bring in the plants you have questions about, or if you have any questions about lights, fertilizers, potting materials now's the time to ask.

The plant table will be provided by Dennis Olivas.

No host dinner with the speaker
will be at Todai, Seafood Buffet (Chinese & Japanese cuisine) 476 Sun Valley Mall in Concord (next to JC Penny on freeway side) Tel: 925.825.6265  We will meet at 5.30pm.  Anyone who wants to join please contact Eileen Jackson at 707-642-5915 or jackson.eileen@att.net   


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