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Next Meeting: Thursday 9th August  7:30pm
40 Orchids Everyone Should Have in Their Collection
a slide show by Fordyce & Trudi Marsh 
Presented by Dennis Olivas

Fordyce “Red” Marsh was the grower and collector and Trudi, the photographer and illustrator of the team.  They were friends of Dr. Jack Fowlie (one of the last great pre-CITES orchid hunters)
and their travels with him took them to many parts of the world to view and photograph orchids. They collected many specimens for the Los Angeles County Arboretum, always with official  permission of their host country.

The title says it all.  There will be Trudi’s excellent photography and an accompanying script written by Red.  BUT...
Our own Dennis Olivas will interpret and expand upon the provided script.

Speaker’s dinner will be at Sweet Tomatoes (salad bar) in the Pleasant Hill 'downtown' at 5:45 pm   Please notify Eileen Jackson at 707-642-5915 or email jackson.eileen to join us.

The plant table will be provided by
Dennis Olivas

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