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Next Meeting: Thursday 9th November  7:30pm


Harry Phillips was born in San Diego, California on July 9, 1953. His Father taught him to appreciate plants at an early age. In January of 1963 Harry’s brother Andy (of Andy’s Orchids fame) was born, and six years later is when it all started. They were both exposed to exotic plants and flowers at an early age, but when Andy became interested and latter obsessed with orchids, Harry some how resisted becoming involved with them for as long as he could. He assisted Andy in his passion by building his first two green houses, and Andy would reward him with a hybrid that was in bloom, tell him to bring it back when it goes out of bloom, and exchange it for one in bloom. Well this would only last about a year until he decided that he wanted to keep one and get it to re-bloom, the beginning of the end.

In 1986 Harry, with his soon to be wife Leslie, moved with Andy and his orchid collection to Encinitas, California. Being constantly exposed to all of Andy’s orchids was beginning to have an effect on Harry. Shortly after, Andy left for four months to Costa Rica, and placed Harry in charge of the collection. When Andy returned he found that Harry had not killed too many plants and managed to become even more addicted. Andy now, feeling more confident about leaving his orchid collection under Harry’s care, began to plan a cycling trip through South America which ended up lasting two years. After that it was all over for Harry, he was completely addicted to orchids.

Harry assisted Andy part time, with the beginnings of Andy’s Orchids, for over 10 years while holding a fulltime job to pay the mortgage, going full time about 8 years ago. His passion in orchids are in the Genera Sobralia and Elleanthus, but you ask him at any particular time of the year which is his favorite orchid, and it will most likely be the one or ones in bloom at that time. He has traveled in Mexico and Ecuador viewing orchids in the wild. Harry believes that growing epiphytic orchids the way they grow in nature is best and the orchids seem to agree. He will share with you his experiences with growing mounted orchids, and would like to dispel the fantasy that growing mounted orchids is difficult.

The plant table will be provided by Andy's Orchids

Dinner with the speaker will be at Pasta  Pomodoro at 5:30 pm in downtown Pleasant Hill       
45 Crescent Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523   Tel 925-363-9641  
If you would like to attend please call Eileen Jackson at 707-642-5915 or email

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