July 2006
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Next Meeting: Thursday 13th July 7:30pm

Teagueia sp. nov.
       Teagueia species

Lou Jost:  
"New Orchid Species in Ecuador"

Lou Jost has been fascinated by nature at an early age and got his first bird field guide at the age of nine.  He was growing tropical orchids in his parents' basement in Wisconsin at age 11.  He is a physicist and mathematician by training and along life's pathway, Lou was lured to the vibrant life of tropical forests.  His accomplishments includes photographing, painting and studying the birds and plants of Costa Rica , Mexico , and Ecuador .   He illustrated the book 'Common Birds of Amazonian Ecuador' (written by Chris Canaday). His current project is the in-depth study of Ecuadorian orchids in which he has discovered over 50 new orchid species. Please visit his website at www.loujost.com.


At this July meeting, Lou Jost will take us on some of his adventures into the cloud forests of the eastern Andes in Ecuador to meet the new orchid species that he has introduced to the orchid world.


Plant table will be provided by Dennis Olivas

No host dinner with the speaker:
will be at  the Red Robin Restaurant in the Sun Valley Mall in Concord at 5:30 PM.  Everyone is welcome.  Please notify Eileen Jackson at 707-642-5915 or jackson.eileen@att.net  if you would like to join us for dinner.

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Read more about Lou Jost's adventurous discoveries in the Andes of Ecuador as well as his scientific publications, artwork and projects in  progress at his website     www.loujost.com

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