November 2005
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August Awards

Next Meeting: Thursday 10th November 7:30pm
Gerda Ferrington "Species of the World"

Gerda Ferrington from Barrie, Canada will address our society on species of the world. Although there are more than 32,000 known species, she will cover some of the most popular and some of the unusual within a 45 minutes time frame.  

Gerda Ferrington’s knowledge on orchids extends back into the 70's.  She started her career with the AOS as a student at the Great Lakes Supplemental Center for the Mid America Judging Region in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  In the spring of 1992 an application to create a supplemental judging center in Toronto was accepted and the first judging was held at the Ferringtons.  In 1996 the center became independent serving 13 orchid societies in the region including upper New York.  The new independent center holds monthly judging training and an annual training with Ann Arbor and Cincinnati.  As an active accredited AOS judge, Gerda's vast knowledge in orchids is known throughout the orchid world.

Monthly Program: ICU

During the general meetings each month, we will start a new program call the ICU - Doctor on Duty.  During the brake session (only 15 minutes) while most of you will be enjoying the refreshments, one can bring in a plant to have it looked at by the ICU Doctor on duty. Remember to place the plant you bring in into a clear plastic container.  Please do not bring in more than one plant to each meeting.

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Websites of the Month

Check out the Orchidmania site.  Lots of cultural information FAQs and pictures. 

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