May 2005
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Next Meeting: Thursday 12th May 7:30pm
Paul Chim of May On Nursery "Chinese Cymbidiums: Culture and Transplanting"

DVOS March Awards

Cymbidium lovers and non-cymbidium lovers can agree on the graceful beauty of Chinese cymbidiums and the sweet fragrance. This month's speaker has been growing cymbidiums for over 40 years, is a co-founder of the Golden Gate Cymbidium Society. He has served as past president for several orchid societies including San Francisco Orchid Society, the Orchid Society of California, to name a few. He is an accredited Cymbidium Society of America judge and serves as the head judge for the Pacific Central area. Paul specializes in cool growing orchids, both species and hybrids. For a good number of years, Paul has led orchid groups into China, and other areas in the South Asian region. You'll miss an excellent presentation with valuable information if you do not attend. Bring your raffle money and some extra to purchase plants that Paul will bring for sale.

New Monthly Program: ICU

During the general meetings each month, we will start a new program call the ICU - Doctor on Duty.  During the brake session (only 15 minutes) while most of you will be enjoying the refreshments, one can bring in a plant to have it looked at by the ICU Doctor on duty. Remember to place the plant you bring in into a clear plastic container.  Please do not bring in more than one plant to each meeting.

Message from the Webmaster

Sorry for the delay in updating the website this month - too much work plus a week on vacation!  I'll be putting the winners from April and May with the next update.

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My old standby, still the best Orchid Links Site.  How about voting for us, look for us in US organizations, or in the Top100 sites (I hope - we were at about number 30).

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