March 2005
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Next Meeting: Thursday 10th March 7:30pm
Round Robin: Transplanting and culture of Phragmipedium, Phalaenopsis, and Oncidium

DVOS February Awards

There will be three 1/2 hour sessions of transplanting and culture of the most commonly grown genus in the family of orchids.  Diana Vavrick, Joe Grillo and Dennis Olivas will entertain you and provide you with valuable information that can apply to most of the orchid family.

Help Wanted
Vice President

Presently the DVOS is in need of a person or group of people to act as club Vice President: duties are to arrange speakers and raffle tables for next year, 2005.  Without speakers there will be no activity at club meetings except the Show and Tell Table and refreshments.  There will be no Raffle Table.

Yes.  We are in dire need.  

Pacific Orchid Exposition (San Francisco Orchid Show)

Congratulations for yet another first place win to the team who put together the DVOS display for the Pacific Orchid Exposition.  We took home the coveted First Place for a Visiting Society including 3 best of show orchids for:

Best Phaleonpsis/Doritis (Novice) - Jennie Tom
Best Phaleonpsis/Doritis (Intermediate) - Dave Tomassini
Best Cattleya Alliance (Novice) - Frank Drake

See more pictures here

Websites of the Month

My old standby, still the best Orchid Links Site.  How about voting for us, look for us in US organizations, or in the Top100 sites (I hope - we were at about number 30).

Flowers by the Sea are having their 1st annual Orchid Inventory Sale, so check them out.

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