June 2005
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Next Meeting: Thursday 9th June 7:30pm
Sue Fordyce "Cattleya Transplanting and Culture"

May Awards

Sue will do a short cultural presentation by transplanting a Sophrolaeliocattleya (Slc.).  Multitasking as always, while transplanting, she will answer your questions on how to grow these precious babies well.  She will then treat you to a slide presentation of the newest in Cattleya trends and where Fordyce Orchids is focused as they forge ahead with future generations of Catts.

Sue Fordyce began her career in orchids literally at her father's knee (pulling weeds under the benches).  Frank Fordyce has a career in orchids spanning over 60 years and is known worldwide for his award winning hybrids and informative lectures on Cattleyas.  He has passed on this knowledge and easy style of communication to Sue.  After a few years as a Psychiatric Nurse (which really prepared her for the orchid world) she went on to become manager of Fordyce Orchids, a post she has held for the past 18 years.  Sue also has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada speaking on Orchid Culture and Cattleya Breeding.  Sue is a past President of DVOS and has been published in many orchid publications and is known for her humorous orchid poetry.

New Monthly Program: ICU

During the general meetings each month, we will start a new program call the ICU - Doctor on Duty.  During the brake session (only 15 minutes) while most of you will be enjoying the refreshments, one can bring in a plant to have it looked at by the ICU Doctor on duty. Remember to place the plant you bring in into a clear plastic container.  Please do not bring in more than one plant to each meeting.

The Diablo View Annual Show and Sale

The Diablo View Annual Show and Sale will be on held on October 22-23, 2005.

Websites of the Month

My old standby, still the best Orchid Links Site.  They've recently changed their format, so they have more links per page but they've lost the pictorial summary of the sites - I think I preferred the old format, but then again, I never like change.

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