July 2005
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Next Meeting: Thursday 14th July 7:30pm
Ken Jacobsen "Cymbidium Transplanting and Culture"

June Awards

Ken will do a short cultural presentation by transplanting a Cymbidium.  While transplanting, he will answer your questions on how to grow beautiful healthy plants that will be productive during flowering.  Then, he will treat you to a slide presentation of the once rejected yet coveted forms of cymbidiums… peloric, feathering, spots and stripes.

Ken has been growing Cymbidiums for over 30 years and has close to 2000 plants.  He added the Odontoglossum/Oncidium alliance plants to his collection about 20 years ago, and together with his wife Amy is now growing about 1000 Laelias and Cattleyas, Lycastes, Anguloas, etc., as well (even a few Disas).  He started doing his own Cymbidium hybridizing about 7 years ago and has about 30 crosses in various stages from flask to blooming size.  He is in both the CSA and AOS judging programs.

For those of you who are wondering why 2 cymbidium presentations in a year…why not.  It is one of the easiest to grow in the inland area.  Also, we would like to stress that there are many different methods in growing orchids and it differs from grower to grower and from one location to the other.

 Plant table provided by Ken Jacobsen.  Ken will bring plants to sell.

New Monthly Program: ICU

During the general meetings each month, we will start a new program call the ICU - Doctor on Duty.  During the brake session (only 15 minutes) while most of you will be enjoying the refreshments, one can bring in a plant to have it looked at by the ICU Doctor on duty. Remember to place the plant you bring in into a clear plastic container.  Please do not bring in more than one plant to each meeting.

The Diablo View Annual Show and Sale

The Diablo View Annual Show and Sale will be on held on October 22-23, 2005.

Websites of the Month

Check out the Orchidmania site.  Lots of cultural information FAQs and pictures. 

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