February 2005
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Next Meeting: Thursday 10th February 7:30pm
Howard Gunn - World Renowned Orchid Hobbyist!
Jan. Awards
Howard Gunn, known as one of the best hobbyist growers within the orchid world, has been growing orchids since 1965. He has 2 greenhouses, a 24' x 28' intermediate temperature and a 9' x 20' warm temperature. He grows 1900 orchids; about 500 are paphiopedilums and phragmipediums, 365 are bulbophyllums and the rest are miscellaneous species. There are about 1500 different species of orchids in his collection. His slides are all of the plants he once had or currently does have in his collection, all photographed by Howard. His presentations to orchid societies have been 10 years strong, doing about 6 to 8 a year. This helps in moving the extra divisions along as he keeps on potting and dividing his collection. The subjects on his programs range from Miniature Species, Growing Specimen Plants, Paphiopedilums, Phragmopediums, Dendrobiums, Leafless and Other Wierd Orchids, Bulbophyllums, to the Stanhopea Tribe. 

Howard and Joan spent a month in Australia a couple of years ago as the guest of David Banks, editor of the Australian Orchid Review. He presented 4 programs to the different Orchid Societies in Australia. He also went on 14 bushwalks, looking at orchids in the wild. He did the same on two trips to Mexico and one trip to Ecuador. Howard was granted 28 AOS Awards: 6 CCMs, 2 CBRs, 3 CHMs, 4 AMs and the rest are HCCs.

Raffle Table will be provided by Howard Gunn.

Help Wanted
Vice President

Presently the DVOS is in need of a person or group of people to act as club Vice President: duties are to arrange speakers and raffle tables for next year, 2005.  Without speakers there will be no activity at club meetings except the Show and Tell Table and refreshments.  There will be no Raffle Table.

Yes.  We are in dire need.  

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My old standby, still the best Orchid Links Site.  How about voting for us, look for us in US organizations, or in the Top100 sites (I hope - we were at about number 30).

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