April 2005
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Next Meeting: Thursday 14th April 7:30pm
Joe Grillo "Building a Hobby Greenhouse"

DVOS March Awards

Joe Grillo, a young and enthusiastic orchid hobbyist, will provide a night full of information on how to build your own greenhouse.  He will provide vital information of the Do's and Don't that will only reward you with the most functional greenhouse.  Yes….getting the bang for your money.  As we all know by the plants Joe brings in for the show and tell table, he is an excellent grower.  The greenhouse that he built is part of the reason…. proper growing environment with just the right amount of light, humidity and air circulation.

D & D Flowers and Highland Tropicals will provide the raffle table.

New Monthly Program: ICU

During the general meetings each month, we will start a new program call the ICU - Doctor on Duty.  During the brake session (only 15 minutes) while most of you will be enjoying the refreshments, one can bring in a plant to have it looked at by the ICU Doctor on duty. Remember to place the plant you bring in into a clear plastic container.  Please do not bring in more than one plant to each meeting.


Pacific Orchid Exposition (San Francisco Orchid Show)

Congratulations for yet another first place win to the team who put together the DVOS display for the Pacific Orchid Exposition.  We took home the coveted First Place for a Visiting Society including 3 best of show orchids for:

Best Phaleonpsis/Doritis (Novice) - Jennie Tom
Best Phaleonpsis/Doritis (Intermediate) - Dave Tomassini
Best Cattleya Alliance (Novice) - Frank Drake

See more pictures here

Websites of the Month

My old standby, still the best Orchid Links Site.  How about voting for us, look for us in US organizations, or in the Top100 sites (I hope - we were at about number 30).

Flowers by the Sea are having their 1st annual Orchid Inventory Sale, so check them out.

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