September  2004
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Next Meeting: Thursday 9th September 7:30pm
Kathy and Den

Get Yer Plants Ready, Mama!  
They’re Going to A Show!

 Ah! Fall is in the air!  Cool crisp evenings.  Leaves changing color.  Birds migrating across the sky.  Pumpkins ripening on the vine…


 That ain’t Fall in California!  Fall in California means one thing and one thing only!

The OCTOBER 2004

 This month we’ll go over preparing your orchids for display, show registration for ribbon judging, and pass around signup sheets for volunteers.  Thank goodness our members are experienced and can pretty much do the same tasks they did last year, so that part will be a no-brainer.  Just sign up for the slots you want to work. But, who knows? Maybe there’s something you wish you had participated in last year (like ribbon judging), or have more free time this year and want to hang out with your homeboys.  I could think of worse things than spending some time with complete access to this year’s vendors, their experience (and their tables).

To further whet your whistles Dennis Olivas will talk about orchids that can be grown outside in the heat of summer and the cold of winter, here in the hot/dry & cold/wet of Contra Costa County!  So if you want to acclimate some orchids to your garden please come and see what Dennis has to say. 

And , as usual,  there is always the great cultural information freely given during discussion of the Plant Show and Tell Table.   Provided by our President Dennis Olivas and his Able Assistant (Noooo, I’m talking about Kathy Barrett).  If you want to bring a bad plant we won’t kick it off the table.  I think we’ll have time to talk about it.

Fall Orchid Festival Show and Sale
DVOS is holding a show and sale in October!  Click on the poster on the left for full details and a map.  This is a great opportunity to come see, learn about orchids.  And of course you can BUY orchids from some of our excellent local growers!

This was a great success last year so please join us on the 16th or 17th of October.

For more details or to get you own posters, click the image on the left.

Member's Orchids
Bernice sent me these pictures of her Stanhopea tigrana superba, purchased in 7/93 and blooming for the first time!

If any other members want to post their pictures, please email me, I'll add them to the gallery on the next update (due soon!).

Websites of the Month
This site includes the  International Orchid Register, good for research on species and crosses.

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