March  2004
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Next Meeting: Thursday 11th March 7:30pm
Susan Fordyce, Fred Jernigan and Helen Michael
"Spring Repotting Round-up!"
All you Diablo View buckaroos better sidle up to the corral for a live demonstration on repotting yer orchids!  We'll have three - count 'em!  THREE demonstrations on repotting the most common orchids.  Helen Michael of Orchids Orinda will repot a Phal and answer brief questions about repotting.  Then Susan Fordyce of Fordyce Orchids will repot a Cattleya and answer brief questions.  Last but definitely not least, Fred Jernigan of the Paph House will repot a wild Paph right in front of your eyes, and answer brief questions.  
February Winners
EACH DEMONSTRATION IS SCHEDULED FOR 15 MINUTES, TOPS.  So please keep you questions brief or hold them till the end.  We may have an abbreviated 'Show and Tell' Table if question/answer goes over time.

DVOS Takes Top Honors in the Pacific Orchid Exposition Again!

I think this makes it 5 out of the last 7 years, congratulations to everyone involved!

We (they, I can't take any credit) took, for the display itself: Best Exhibit by a visiting Society, Best Exhibit Illustrating Show Theme, Orchid Digest Trophy and the AOS Show trophy.  

Results for individual awards, in the Novice division are Best Paph/Phrag (Don Wimber) & Best Cat (HKNSA Sogo Doll 'Little Angel') grower Joe Grillo.  Best Den (Elfin Charm) grower Gene Ogana.  Results for the Intermediate division are Best Den, & Best of show for a Den. (Den. mimminimees), & Best Paph/Phrag (Paph. Angela) grower David Tomassini.  Best Phal/Doritis (Phal. amabilis) grown by Barbara Tague.  Additionally we had 25 First Place ribbons, 12 Second Place ribbons, and 6 Third Place ribbons.

Websites of the Month

Nothing new this month, but with the OrchidWire, you don't really need any links from me!  If you haven't checked this one out, you must!

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