July  2004
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Next Meeting: Thursday 8th July 7:30pm

Bad Plants, Bad Plants*
Whatcha Gonna Do?
Whatcha Gonna Do When
They Happen to You?

Ja-Rule Olivas & Ice KB

Word up, Homeboys!   The gang leaders of the Thrips and the Buds will talk about growing orchids in the hood: the dry desert heat of Contra Costa County.
For truth!  We’ll talk about growing orchids in our county under our conditions! 
To make this meeting a success DVOS members need only do ONE thing:

Bring In Your BAD PLANTS! 
(Even Dave Tomassini has some!)

We can’t help you grow ‘em if we can’t see what you’re doing!! 
Many thanks to Jill Chambers and Giovanna Deem who told me “I don’t know any of these speakers or anything about the orchids they talk about. I just want to know how do I grow orchids?”

You asked and we listened!  Bring in any plants you have questions about. There will be fun and profit for doing so! See details inside.

Raffle Table plants are guaranteed to be professionally grown and bug free.
No Dinner with the speaker this month.

June Winners

Bad Plants Details

 Bring In Your BAD PLANTS!  Else we’ll have nothing to talk about.

 This Meeting, instead of oohing and aahing over the beautiful Orchids on the Show and Tell Table we’ll spend the time to talk about BAD plants and how to make ‘em BETTER. How to water, feed, pot, repot, mediums, light, heat, windowsill, lights, you name it.  If you’ve got a question Ja-Rule Olivas and Ice-KB will answer it.  This Thrips/Buds truce will last one night only, then sparks may fly!

A twist on Let’s Make a Deal may make it worth your while!  You’ll have to attend to see what this means – and bring in a bad plant!

If you are like me you may not know what you don’t know so here are some suggested categories for discussion:

1)      So, What’s It Want?  This is for plants that you just don’t know what it wants in order to bloom. Or for well-grown plants that suddenly took a turn for the worse.  Maybe if we put our heads together we can come up with a solution.

2)      Potting/repotting/media suggestions – to be determined by the Gang Leaders.  Don’t be surprised if we put your plant in this category even if you think it belongs in another.

3)      BugsPlease bring these wrapped in clear plastic bags so you don’t spread the infection to other plants.

4)   Equipment - Any questions on greenhouse siding, RO units, lights etc.

5)      What the Hell.  This is where you can show off your nice plants, I suppose, let’s face it sometimes you’ve waiting years for a plant to bloom and show it off to the club. Well go ahead and bring it in, but attention will go to bad plants this month.  Hehe!!  This category includes anything that hasn’t previously been covered – Categories, HA!! What was I thinking??! There’s always something to discuss with Orchids!

Fun for all and a real learning opportunity

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd place ribbons will be awarded to the best worst grown plant.  Note: Its still gotta be green/alive to qualify!  A pot full of dead roots ain’t alive!  This includes the “Look What I’ve Killed For The Umpteenth Time” Ribbon and the “I Lanced It” Dallion.

I’ve been looking forward to this topic all year! – Kathy Barrett

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