April  2004
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Eric Hunt "Orchids of Ecuador, Recent Travels and Photographs"

Eric Hunt traveled to Ecuador in January of 2004.  Hunting orchids with his camera, he has returned with many wonderful photographs of the Ecuadorian terrain, orchids in situ, as well as pictures of conservation efforts by local nurserymen, most notably Ecuagenera, whose school was recently highlighted in Orchids magazine.  This is not your typical travelogue.  I’ve been able to preview only one or two of his pictures so far and already one of them has changed the way I’ll view Phrag. besseae’s cultural conditions from now on.  I hope I get a few more eye openers, too.  As well as gasp-producing photography!

Eric lives in the Mission District of San Francisco and grows his orchids wherever he has horizontal space: under lights (he even has a few miniatures under lights in his kitchen), and in his north-facing bay window,

A sample of Eric's photos

where things bloom even when neglected.  To compensate for the lack of personal growing opportunities, Eric spends a lot of time volunteering with OrchidMania, where he is the Director of Education and Production.  One of his joys is working with and photographing OrchidMania’s extensive permanent collection of rare and unusual orchid species.

I’ve been drooling over Eric’s photographs online for several years.  Photography was his passion before finding orchids, and he has successfully joined the two. The combination of having no growing space himself along with his belief in sharing information through the Internet, led to him starting a personal photo archive of orchid species. He says “The Bay Area is full of people seriously interested in the growing and conservation of orchid species, and I am doing my part to give back to the greater world orchid community by putting orchid species photographs on my own personal website and extensively contributing to Jay Pfahl's Internet Orchid Species Encyclopedia.”

 Raffle Table Plants will provided by Sea God Nursery.  For those of you who were unable to attend the bus tour of the Raymond Burr Winery and its Sea God Nursery this is your chance to have a crack at owning your own piece of Raymond Burr’s collection.                 - Kathy

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