September  2003
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Next Meeting: Thursday 11th September at 7:30pm
Gene Crocker of Carter and Holmes Orchids
Most orchid hobbyists get familiar with Carter & Holmes via their clonal names ‘Mendenhall’ and ‘Newberry’ long before they realize there’s a company behind the name. These clonals are appended to the names of many fine examples or orchid breeding.  Even a brief review of orchid literature always includes mention of a ‘Mendenhall’ or other C&H plant.  The company, located in South Carolina, has a long history equal to any in orchid history.

Bill Carter and Owen Holmes began selling orchids as cut flowers in the years following World War II when corsage flowers were in great demand for Valentine's Day, Easter, and Mother's Day.  As lifestyles became less formal in the 1960's and the demand for cut flowers decreased, Carter & Holmes began producing orchids for home growing.  They started hybridizing orchids in the 1950's and developed their own modern laboratory for seed and tissue culture in the 1970's. This hybridizing program has resulted in worldwide recognition for Carter & Holmes as a source for outstanding orchids - in particular, art-shade cattleyas.  Today, Carter & Holmes ships orchid plants of many genera to hobbyists and commercial growers throughout the United States and to many countries around the world.

Gene Crocker is currently Vice President of Carter & Holmes Orchids, a position he has held for the past 17 years. He is responsible for the general orchid production, including the hybridizing program.  He also writes the catalogues, advertisements and does the photography.  Gene was a hobby grower for thirty years before coming to Carter and Holmes.  He still has his first two orchids (cattleyas), which have flowered faithfully every year for the past 43 years.  Gene’s professional training was as a textile chemist (BS) and Meteorologist (BS), but orchids have been his main obsession through these many years.  He and his wife, Kitty, have one daughter and two sons – and two grandsons.  Gene travels extensively on behalf of Carter & Holmes.  He is interested in all genera of orchids, although cattleyas are his favorites. He made his first cattleya hybrid in 1961, and has already gone through three generations of orchid hybrids at Carter & Holmes.  His "orchid claim to fame" may 

August Winners

be the fact that he coined the term "mericlone" in 1964.  If you always wondered, ‘Newberry’ is the town in which C&H is located, and ‘Mendenhall’ is the street where they ‘live’.     - Kathy Barrett

Culture Session: A Quick Course in Ribbon Judging by Kathy Barrett

Just in time for the upcoming DVOS Fall Orchid Festival, Kathy Barrett will demystify the procedures for entering orchids in a show and ribbon judging orchids.  She’ll go over the show schedule, show rules and introduce you to judging.  Please come and see how easy this is.  If it required brains and/or work Kathy wouldn’t do it.  Trust me.

Juan Bofill will have the sign up sheet for the Show. We have several volunteers for other categories, and we hope after this introduction there will be many hands wanting to enter and judge flowers.
     - Kathy Barrett

Fall Orchid Festival Show and Sale
DVOS is holding a show and sale in October!  Click on the poster on the left for full details and a map.  This is a great opportunity to come see, learn about orchids.  And of course you can BUY orchids from some of our excellent local growers!

Update - Kathy corrected my map (which I had traced from mapquest) so please download the new version of the poster.

The Upcoming Events page is now up to date.

Website of the Month

Lotte and Thomas Orchideen - Ulrike found this site (it is currently the top rated site at the Orchid Wire).  This Austrian site (in English and German) is dedicated to different orchid propagation techniques (seed sowing, nodes).  Lots of practical information.  Native orchids of Austria info is a bonus.

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