October  2003
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Next Meeting: Thursday 9th October at 7:30pm
Jerry Rodder of Jerry’s Grow!

Jerry’s Grow fertilizer (aka Orchid Rocket Fuel) took the orchid world by storm a few years ago and hasn’t let loose yet. Take that, Hurricane Isabel! Jerry Rodder has won many, many AOS awards for orchid Culture as well as awards for flower quality. Many people value culture awards more highly than quality awards because they award the person’s ability to grow orchids well, rather than some arbitrary standard of orchid ‘beauty’. And Jerry has more culture awards than you can shake a stick at. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the size of the plants he decorates his sales booths with.

Jerry Rodder started growing orchids rather late in life. His first love is gardening and he and his wife Jill have a huge backyard garden to tend as well as many fruit trees. After receiving patents for various measuring devices, he retired and turned his inquiring mind to what makes plants ‘tick. This naturally led to puttering around with orchid fertilizer.

Through experimentation he developed Jerry’s Grow, a fertilizer that has stumped the orchid world with just how it cranks orchids into high gear and makes them perform like no other fertilizer on the market. Jerry will discuss orchid nutrition, and he will have some plants for the Raffle Table.

- Kathy Barrett


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Fall Orchid Festival Show and Sale

DVOS is holding a show and sale in October!  Click on the poster on the left for full details and a map.  This is a great opportunity to come see, learn about orchids.  And of course you can BUY orchids from some of our excellent local growers!

Update - Kathy corrected my map (which I had traced from mapquest) so please download the new version of the poster.

The Upcoming Events page is now up to date.

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