November  2003
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Next Meeting: Thursday 13th November at 7:30pm
Alexis Pardo Isla:  "Venezuelan Catasetums"

      I hadn’t realized the escarpment was so tall.  Sure, I’d seen pictures of it.  Who hadn’t?  ‘The Land That Time Forgot’ and all that.  I wiped my brow, replaced my hat, cinched everything cinch-able just a little tighter and prepared to climb. 
      “What in the Sam Hill do you think you are doing?” my guide exclaimed.
      “Well, you said to see the orchids we had to get to the top.”
      “You are making the small joke, no?” he asked with disbelief in his eyes.  “These days we all just grab a cervesa, listen to Alex Pardo and watch his slides.  We don’t actually climb the escarpment!” He handed me a cold brew.  “Its much more civilized that way.” 
      I took the beer and listened to the welcome sound of its cap twisting off.  And I thanked every god ever known that I had used a travel agent to book this trip. 
      “Not only has he the best slides of every species of Catasetum, he discusses the intricacies of their culture and care.  So many people only think of Catasetums as that funny little orchid that shoots pollen at you if you trip its spring.”  Suddenly my guide was more eloquent than Peter O’Toole.  “As I’m sure you are aware many Catasetums are found in Venezuela.  Venezuela is a country of extreme beauty and geographic variety.  These crafty Catasetums have evolved to take every advantage of that fact.  They hail from the lovely coast side to the hot interior jungles.  Each geographic zone has

 its own cultural peculiarities. The catasetums are quite the magicians.” 
      “ Plus, you are in luck, Miss. Alex has many lovely plants to raffle off after tonight’s divertissement.” 
      Could life get any better than this?

- Kathy

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Update 11/6/03: It looks like is back thanks to the guys at but remember just in case!

Bad news again I'm afraid.  We're still having problems with who originally registered the name  I've been trying to transfer the name but they seem unwilling to help me, very unprofessional.  What this means is that there is a chance that the name  might be down for a while and I will away from home for the next week and won't be able to chase the problem.  The alternate name will not be affected so if doesn't work, try  It's probably a good idea to add both to your favorites.                 -- Nick --

Fall Orchid Festival Show and Sale

We had our first annual show and sale for several years!  It sounds to have been very successful with great displays by the members and local vendors.  Check out the displays and some of the first place plants.

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A site dedicated to orchid photography.  Some beautiful pictures and photo tips.

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