May 2003
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Next Meeting: Thurs. 8th May at 7:30pm
"Dendrobiums" by 
Roy Tokunaga Of H&R Orchids

Roy Tokunaga earned a Bachelor degree in Education from the University of Hawaii in 1973, with a major in high school biology. He never used that teaching certificate as he was immediately recruited by Ernest Iwanaga to set up an orchid lab, where he spent the next seven years primarily honing his skills at cloning and germinating orchids. At about the same the time, Harry Akagi was growing bromeliads, and in 1981, together Harry and Roy established an orchid lab in Waimanalo, giving birth to H&R Nurseries. Today, Roy is credited with 27 years of experience in hybridization with several thousand hybrids delivered. Most of his work has been in the Dendrobium and Cattleya alliances. He is a long time member of the Honolulu Orchid Society and an accredited American Orchid Society judge since 1990. Roy confesses to having one vice, the game of golf. Nora and Roy Tokunaga have two children, Lori and Kevin.

 - Kathy Barrett

May Raffle Table
Roy will be providing the raffle table plants AND HE WILL TAKE PRE-ORDERS. His plants are extremely luscious so youíll want in on this opportunity! Get a current catalog (like you donít have one already) at H&R Nurseries, Phone: 808-259-9626; Fax: 808-259-5422. Make sure you tell them which society you are with so heíll bring your order to the right meeting!!

April Awards

And some bonus pictures from April

Websites of the Month

This is the best "links" site I've seen, with links to over 1000 orchid related sites including vendors, organizations and discussion forums.  The site is well organized and gives an up to date thumbnail of each site.  One nice feature is the ability to rate for you favorite sites (we're number 39 right now) so check it out!

White Oak Orchids White Oak Orchids is an orchid nursery located in San Francisco, California, USA. White Oak Orchids specializes in species orchids (The Weird and the Wonderful), as well as, a wide variety of orchid hybrids.

This was one of our greenhouse visits last month, great plants nice website.

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