July 2003
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Next Meeting: Thurs. 11th July at 7:30pm

I was once like you.     Pale. Wan. Lifeless.

My owners were frustrated.  They poured thousands of PPM nitrogen on my roots, misted me like crazy and came close to sacrificing the family pet, all to try to get me to bloom.  Ha!  Whatta joke.  If only they had known what I needed was just a little more light and I would have been a happy camper.  Luckily, they came to the Diablo View Orchid Society meeting and listened to

Victor Vivian
Berkeley Indoor Gardening

discuss growing orchids indoors.  He gave them tips on lighting, light carts, windowsill growing and proper fertilizers for my indoor needs.  He even had some supplies for sale!  Now my days are filled with sunshine.  And, dare I say it??  I think I'm about to bud!!  Yep!  I can feel my sheath swelling even as you read this!  Boy, I tell you those dull dark days are all behind me now.  I'm a totally new plant!                                                                                                                     - Kathy Barrett

Website News
You may have noticed that this site was down for a week or so (thanks Barbara for telling me!).  Our hosting service went bust and was bought out last month and they had some problems last week.  In addition, the new company discontinued the low cost service plan that we were using.

I've moved to a new service, splicehost.com who seem to have a good budget  and we're OK again.  We're still finalizing the transfer but I hope we won't need to go down for more than a day or so.  It's worth trying both www.diabloviewos.org and www.dvos.org in case of trouble.

DVOS Founders Don Baker and Scotty and Bev Young honored with lifetime memberships.

Website of the Month

Joan Schimmelman's website -  old DVOS members now living in Arkansas.

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