December  2003
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Next Meeting: Thursday 11th Dec. 7:00pm
Christmas Party - Gift Exchange and Orchid Decoration
See the newsletter for the address!

Every Christmas the DVOS has a prize for the best orchid or orchid basket decorated in a Christmas (Holiday) theme. $50 SMACKEROOS. Thatís right, enough to pay for your 2004 DVOS membership dues with a few bucks left over!

But WAIT!! THEREíS MORE! Everyone coming to the Xmas party brings in an orchid or orchid related item for the gift exchange table. They get a raffle ticket that allows them to pick from the abundance of gifts when their ticket number is called out. I know Iím stating this badly. Youíll all have to come and see for yourselves how it works!           -Kathy

And don't forget, we have the best food of any local society!

And just in case you thought only the winners are good, here's a bonus selection from November.

November Winners

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Almost our sister society in Hawaii.  "There are several former members of DVOS here on the Big Island of Hawai'i. There's Floyd & Marlene Lundquist, ourselves -- Stan & Dale Dinsmore, Pauline Brault. and on the Kona side of the Island is Sue Tesien." 
California Orchid Societies' Speakers Consortium is a consortium of orchid societies formed to identify, attract and schedule speakers and enable the sharing the cost of air fare and travel expenses amongst consortium societies.

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