August 2003
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Next Meeting: Thurs. 14th August at 7:30pm
Trudy Hadler "Cymbidiums"
I got hooked on orchids when I was approximately 10 years old. I read a Nero Wolfe mystery about a 300+ pound detective who lived in New York, never left his home, had a greenhouse on his roof and raised orchids. The descriptions of the orchids were fascinating and I could hardly wait to get my own home and raise orchids. For over 30 years, I have been growing orchids and they are just as fascinating now as when I was 10 years old.

Currently there are about 800-1000 plants in my collection. Most of the plants are cymbidiums, grown outside, but I do have a greenhouse for the assorted genera that prefer warmer growing conditions such as cymbidiums from India and Australia, Cattleyas and Miltonias.

While I am a judge with both the AOS and the CSA judging systems, and appreciate quality flowers of various genera, I still get a thrill of blooming a seedling for the first time, or seeing what that $2 yard sale special looks like.

- Trudy Hadler

P.S. The Nero Wolfe mysteries were fiction, but the greenhouse on the roof, filled with orchids is true. The AOS did an article some years ago on the current owner.

Part of the plant table will be large cymbidium Andy Easton seedlings from John Rowe in Santa Barbara. 

Fall Orchid Festival Show and Sale
DVOS is holding a show and sale in October!  Click on the poster on the left for full details and a map.  This is a great opportunity to come see, learn about orchids.  And of course you can BUY orchids from some of our excellent local growers!

Update - Kathy corrected my map (which I had traced from mapquest) so please download the new version of the poster.

The Upcoming Events page is now up to date.

Website of the Month
Bem-vindo ao Site Oficial da SOBH

Kathy recommends this website from Brazil, if you can read Portuguese that's great, if not there's still a lot of great cattleya photos (and a few others).

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