April 2003
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Next Meeting: Thurs. 10th April at 7:30pm
Jim Hamilton & Ron Ehlers "Easy to Grow Orchid Species"

Jim Hamilton will discuss why this is not a conflict in terms. I know, you always thought orchids were difficult. Not a bit of it! At least according to Jim! Hehe!!

Petite Plaisance is located in the hugely small town of Valley Ford in Sonoma County. It makes a pleasant day trip to drive through the green, rolling hills of Sonoma County out to the coast. Call in advance to arrange a visit. 

March Awards

Petite Plaisance deals mostly in species orchids. They have a few hybrids (check out the picture of Zygopetalum Imagination and Stanhopea Assidensis ‘John’ on their webpage, yum!) You’ve all seen their sales booth at all the local shows, laden with delectable hanging orchids in baskets and on slabs. Cool growers, intermediate growers, orchids from the commonplace to the sublime. (Do I sound too much like a fan of theirs? I hope so.)

 - Kathy Barrett

April Raffle Table

Petite Plaisance Orchids will provide orchids for the Raffle Table as well as have plants for sale. You can preorder on their webpage and Jim will bring your order to the meeting.  www.sonic.net/orchids/

Diablo View Orchid Society Repeats!

DVOS wins first place again at the  Pacific Orchid Exposition.  We have taken top honors 4 out of the last 6 years… but who’s counting?  Full details are in the March newsletter and here with a few pictures that I took - anyone have anymore?

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Gotta be our speakers' page Petite Plaisance.

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