September 2002
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Next Meeting: Thursday 12th Sept at 7:30pm
Leonard Gines "Trends and Advancements in Orchid Culture"
Leonard Gines is originally from the Los Angeles area and came to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1970. In addition to establishing his own orchid nursery, he worked for Akatsuka Orchids in Volcano and for Hawaii Tropical. His nursery, Gines Orchids is located in the sunny part of Hawaiian Paradise Park,  13 miles South of the city of Hilo.

Leonard grows Oncidinae Intergenerics, vandacious orchids and miscellaneous species. He personally collects cattleya species and botanical orchids. He is  an  accredited AOS judge and the current president of the Hawaiian Orchid Growers

DVOS August winners
Association and a founding member of the Big Island Dendrobium Growers Association.

His program will show you an inside view of the various island orchid nurseries, some of their culture practices, and the current state of orchid production in Hawaii. Come learn why growers have discarded compots and now grow orchids in plugs. His presentation will include a discussion on some of the new media alternatives to the traditional bark. Hear about the growth advantages of using rainwater to water their orchids even though the local water quality is excellent and measures only 50 parts per million (ppm) total dissolved solids (tds).

See how this area of the world has catered to non-native species and compare and contrast the conditions to your own growing environment. 

See you there. Aloha!

Lancer P. Smith Memorial BBQ
The annual BBQ/Picnic and Auction was a lot of fun as usual.  This year we awarded a number of lifetime memberships to some of the founding members of the society.  Barbara and Ulrike took a number of pictures which you can find here.

New DVOS lifetime members from left to right:

Floyd Lundquist
Dick Emory
Nathalie Smith
Bernice Lindner
Bob and Mary Lou Van Galder

Website News
I've registered the name so now you can access the site with less typing (

Web Pages of the Month
Pacific Central Judging Center - Kathy Barrett has made a great start with this new site for recording pictures and data on the awarded plants at the Oakland, San Francisco and other local judging centers.  I'll be reducing my AOS awards page to only those plants belonging DVOS members.

Hilo Orchid Society - Here's a chance to see what a number of our old members are doing - at least those who have abandoned the Bay Area for the big island of Hawaii.

AOS Awards

Check out AOS Awards page for our local winners. Congratulations to Bernice for winning a CHM for macroclinium!

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