October 2002
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Next Meeting: Thursday 10th Oct at 7:30pm
Dr. Joanne Whitney "What's in a Name: Fact and Some Fiction About The Naming of Orchids". 
Feel out of step in the orchid world? Have you ever stood in a crowd of orchid enthusiasts and the conversation just sails over your head?  Do you try to disguise your cluelessness by silently nodding with a knowing look and pray no one asks you a question?  Does Champornensis and Doritenopsis sound like a bad disease?  Do you have aspirations of becoming a DVOS auctioneer or Show and Tell describer?  If you can relate to any of these questions then you need to join us at the October DVOS society meeting as Dr. Joanne Whitney takes us on an entertaining course through the orchid world.
August winners

Back by popular request, Dr. Whitney will give some interesting, some funny, and some outrageous information about how orchids were named. Her presentation will include slides and entertaining stories to help you remember and understand popular orchid names. Sure to become a best seller if she ever writes a book, this is one presentation you won't want to miss.

Joanne Whitney has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and an abounding interest in Orchids. She runs the compounding laboratory and teaches pharmacy at the University of California, San Francisco. Joanne has been an accredited AOS judge for about 13 years and served for a period of time as chairman of the Pacific Central Judging Region. She never found an orchid she didn't want and grows a wide variety of types, Odontoglossums, Miltoniopsis, Paphs and other cool growers in one greenhouse and Cattleyas, Calanthes and warmer growers in another. Her most loved area is in the (wind) tunnelled entrance of her San Francisco home where she raises Masdevallias and Draculas. She has lectured to both orchid and pharmacy groups on the pharmaceutical uses of orchids.

Come join us for "What's in a Name: Fact and Some Fiction About The Naming
of Orchids".

DVOS Sept. winners

Many thanks to Leonard Gines for his talk and slide show on orchid growing in Hawaii.  It was interesting to see how the "big boys" do it and to see the new materials they're using in place of the traditional fir bark.

Lancer P. Smith Memorial BBQ
The annual BBQ/Picnic and Auction was a lot of fun as usual.  This year we awarded a number of lifetime memberships to some of the founding members of the society.  Barbara and Ulrike took a number of pictures which you can find here.

New DVOS lifetime members from left to right:

Floyd Lundquist
Dick Emory
Nathalie Smith
Bernice Lindner
Bob and Mary Lou Van Galder

Website News
I've registered the name dvos.org so now you can access the site with less typing (www.dvos.org).

Web Pages of the Month
Pacific Central Judging Center - Kathy Barrett has made a great start with this new site for recording pictures and data on the awarded plants at the Oakland, San Francisco and other local judging centers.  I'll be reducing my AOS awards page to only those plants belonging DVOS members.

Hilo Orchid Society - Here's a chance to see what a number of our old members are doing - at least those who have abandoned the Bay Area for the big island of Hawaii.

AOS Awards

Check out AOS Awards page for our local winners. Congratulations to Bernice for winning a CHM for macroclinium!

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