November 2002
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Next Meeting: Thursday 14th Nov at 7:30pm
Dr. Eric Christenson  "Maxillaria Species" 

Nationally and internationally acclaimed taxonomist, Dr. Eric Christenson, will speak to us about Maxillaria Species.  As a prodigious authoritarian on a wide range of orchid genera such as vandaceous, maxillariae, sobralias; and of course phalaenopsis - he is widely sought after as a speaker and consulted for species identification.  His skills as an author are in great demand.  One can hardly pick up a copy of one of the well known orchid publications such as Orchids (the AOS bulletin), Orchid Digest, Orchid Review and others without finding an article he has contributed.  Currently he is putting the finishing touches on a massive, three volume work, commissioned by the AOS, "THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CULTIVATED ORCHID SPECIES".  If you have one of his books, he may even sign it for you.

Maxillaria is a genus of neotropical orchids, favored by cultivators for their showy flowers and being easy to grow.  The plants are smaller than other orchid genera, and the stems usually bear only one flower.  Many of us have seen Maxillaria tenuifolia at the "Show and Tell" table, easily recognized by its coconut scent.  Come join us for an interesting evening on this delightful species, or better yet, join us earlier at the speaker dinner and talk with Dr. Christenson personally.

Next month is our traditional Holiday Party and potluck. Come join us for the fun and celebration. By popular request, Sue Fordyce of Fordyce Orchids will grace us with her rendition of .holiday cheer. You won't want to miss this.

Sybil Rene McGowan will present "B is for bark, C is for coconut ... and a plethora of other medias".  The presentation is designed for beginner growers.  This should be a good introduction to the various medias you will hear about in the many orchid culture sources.  If you are new to orchids, this one topic you won't want to miss.


D & D Orchids will be providing the plants for our raffle table this month.  Known for their wide variety of quality plants, this is a great time to add to your collection.  Be sure to get your raffle tickets.

Happy growing,


DVOS Sept. winners

Web Pages of the Month
Pacific Central Judging Center - Kathy Barrett has made a great start with this new site for recording pictures and data on the awarded plants at the Oakland, San Francisco and other local judging centers.  I'll be reducing my AOS awards page to only those plants belonging DVOS members.

AOS Awards

Check out AOS Awards page for our local winners. Congratulations to Bernice for winning a CHM for macroclinium!

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