March 2002
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Next Meeting: Thursday 14th March at 7:30pm
Nick Burnett "Seven Ways to Kill an Orchid"

Nick Burnett is an AOS Judge...but that should not prevent you from attending his talk! Nick is a Professor of Communication Studies at CSU-Sacramento and has been growing (and killing) orchids for twelve years. 

At this point, what remains of his collection are phragmipedium species and hybrids, paphiopedilums, bulbophyllums, and an assortment of other orchid species and hybrids that can truly said to be battle tested and resistant to a wide variety of abuse. He promises a talk that will help us learn from our mistakes in a talk that covers basic cultural issues and buying the right orchids for you.

Now this is a guy I can relate to!  But seriously, I've seen Nick speak and really enjoyed his talk. He has a great sense of humor and presents a lot of good information.  Hope you can join us!

DVOS Awards for February

DVOS Sweeps San Francisco Orchid Show!

It seems that we did fairly well at the San Francisco Orchid Show last month (that's "British English" for Charlotte's report).  Congratulations everyone!  Click here for the full report and lots of pictures care of Parky Parkison.

We swept the field so to speak. We won the AOS Bronze trophy for best display, the Orchid Digest Award for best display, the San Francisco OS award for best display illustrating theme of show, and the San Francisco OS award for best display by a visiting society.

We received trophies and some pots and the grand prize of $1,000. Several members won best plant awards including Tom and Jeannette Bean, David Tomassini, and Dan West. Bernice may have won a best plant also. The Fordyces won best miniature in show. - Charlotte Leong

AOS Awards

Don't forget to check out AOS Awards page for our local winners. 

Thanks again to Kathy Barrett for the info and ALL the pictures this month.

Web Pages of the Month

There are so many great resources on the web and some sites which are just plain fun.  I'm going to start highlighting one or two (or so) every month.  Please feel free to send me your favorites.

If you don't know about Jay Pfahl's "Internet Orchid Photo Encyclopedia" you should.  This is the best site I know for checking out information on orchid species.

And now a local site that I found recently run by Yoshi Nomura, it's well worth a visit even if just for the name ""!

Bulbophyllum papulosum from Kathy Barrett's collection. 

And finally, the Christmas party was a great success, here're the  pictures to prove it.  

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