June 2002
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Next Meeting: Thursday 13th June at 7:30pm
Matt Swif
t "Equitant Oncidiums - The Jewels of the Caribbean"

"Equitant Oncidiums - The Jewels of the Caribbean" will be presented by Matthew Swift of Swift’s Orchids in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Rancho Cucamonga is located 40 miles East of Los Angeles and has quite a bit of coastal influence in its weather. The climate is similar to the Concord area. It is colder in winter and warmer in summer, but it is not in the desert.

Matt grew up around orchids since his Dad began growing them over 35 years ago.He has always taken a liking to them although his sister did not. His favorites are cattleyas and equitant oncidiums;

DVOS May winners

however, he has recently begun collecting ultra-miniature cymbidiums [A potential topic for a future presentation? :o) ]. After he dropped out of college with less than a year under his belt, he worked for Mervyn’s Department Store for over 9 years. He then worked for Stewart’s Orchids and after that at Santa Barbara Orchid Estate from March 1998 to January 2000. Shortly afterwards, he and his dad decided to open up their own orchid retail store, which they did in March 2000. In reality, they’ve actually been in business for 20 years selling at most orchid shows throughout Southern California; but nothing like a full-time business. It was a rough beginning but they’ve really improved and hope to continue that way. Matt is past President (1996-1998) of the Riverside-San Bernardino Counties Orchid Society and will be 1st Vice President in a few months. He is currently Membership Secretary of the Cymbidium Society of America.Come join us and learn how Matt successfully grows the delightful miniature oncidiums known as equitants and tolumnias. The raffle table will be provided by Swift’s orchids. If you would like to place a preorder with Matt, you can contact him at his web site: www.swiftsorchids.com The July speaker program is still in the works details to be announced.


Culture Session @ 7 PM: Matt Swift: "Repotting Equitants"

DVOS Meetings

In addition to our talks, slide shows and culture sessions, there are other benefits to coming to our meetings.  We typically have plants for sale as shown in the upper left picture, a raffle table, typically provided by the speaker, this month it was a  table of Disas.  And finally I think we probably have the best food of all the societies in the area! 

Web Page of the Month

A hobbiest's site dedicated to miltoniopsis this month, miltoniopsis.com, good information and wonderful pictures.

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Don't forget to check out AOS Awards page for our local winners. 

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