February 2002

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Next Meeting: Thursday 14th February at 7:30pm 
Rob Terry "Phragmipedium Culture"
Rob Terry has been growing orchids for ten years after getting started with a science fair project for his oldest daughter when she was in the eighth grade. It was a successful exploration into colchicine treatment of orchid seeds. One thing led to another and after being successful with most of his attempts after beginning, Rob purchased an orchid business, now called Sherwood Orchids, when the previous owner wanted to move on to other more important matters. Rob's primary interest is in the Lady Slipper orchids with most of his collection devoted to Paphs and Phrags with a move to more and more Phrags while exploring different opportunities in the orchid world. 

Rob and his wife are in the process of building a new larger greenhouse for their expanding collection, with numerous stories to tell about the trials and tribulations of greenhouse construction. However this lecture is intended to give the listener all the basic information on how to grow Phragmipediums very successfully. Bring your pencil and paper to jot down the secrets he will share with you. If you snooze you lose.

DVOS Awards for January 

Don't forget to check out the new AOS Awards page for our local winners and see what we're aspiring to. 
Thanks again to Kathy Barrett for the pictures and info.
Barbara Tague has sent me some pictures of her plants.  Anyone else can send me pictures and I'll add them to the gallery (eventually!).

And finally, the Christmas party was a great success, here're the  pictures to prove it.  

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